Frequently Asked Questions

Who will our photographer be?

As the principal photographer and owner of Liam Edleston Photography, Liam will always be the first available photographer. All the photography you see in the gallery section is Liam's work.

In the event that Liam is already booked or unavailable for your date we have a fantastic network of associate photographers and we can show you galleries of their work. Our associates have been carefully selected so the calibre of their work and their approach on the day closely matches our style and your expectations.

You'll always have the opportunity to meet with the available photographer at the initial appointment stage.


What's your dress code for events?

Apart from always keeping up a professional appearance we always like to blend in with the crowd. 


Do you mind travelling out of town?

Travel outside of Melbourne is never a problem, but travel surcharges may apply to events outside an 80km radius from the CBD. For events more than 500km from the CBD we find that flying is often the most efficient & convenient method of travel.


Copyright - who owns it?

You do!  This is in line with the Australian copyright laws for domestic photography - the person who commissions the work owns the copyright. 

However, we do reserve the right to use your images for our promotional purposes which may include (but not limited to) our website, blog, submission to magazines and other associated media. You'll find this is common practice throughout the industry and we'll always let you know if we plan on submitting your images for editorial use.

For more information please visit the Australian Copyright Council website and download their "Who Owns Copyright" PDF (form G058).


We like your candid style, but can we get some posed group photos?

Absolutely. Although our style is less posed than some photographers, we always make time in your schedule for posed portraits, family and group photos.


Do you have a big studio?

We understand some clients might want the full on, flashy studio experience - just be prepared to pay for it.  This isn't what we are about - we keep things simple. We figure the quality of photography and level of personal service we deliver is what counts. And because we don't have the huge overheads of a commercial space, we can stay competitive.  We use the same cameras, computers, professional print services and album suppliers so at the end of the day, you get more bang for you buck with us!